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Imagine… a headphone stand with a soul and emotions just like your favorite music tune.
Nor-man & Wo-man

These items are not just another shaky stand to throw your pair of cans onto. This is not their purpose. The appreciation of good music and respect of craftsmanship of high quality headphones have led to further appreciating their storage. The combination of art, design, emotions, and functionality were used in the recipe to make something remarkable. Meet Nor-man and Wo-man who are made from powder coated steel and oak, and heavyweight (1.5kg, 3.3lb).  They are built to last a lifetime. Both are designed and manufactured in no place other than Estonia. Nor-man and Wo-man present a modern piece of art, but not just any random one. They will serve as a proud silhouette and comfortable home for your favorite headphones.   


Everything around us deserves to be authentic and far more than just functional, don’t you agree?

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